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She is unquestionably the star of the show here at LOOKS CAN KILL™. Madison Ashley Shaw is most definitely the babe that started it all! From her roots in exotic dancing, to her career as a contract killer, part-time model, bikini bombshell, and wannabe social media sensation, she is all glamour girl and no nonsense. Get to know her -- really well -- in this exhaustive gallery of renders.

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sydney and madison bts 03 costume test 10 hair test 20 hair test 04 hair test 03 red warrior 01 is it summer yet 20
is it summer yet 01 study 03 study 02 study 01 i am the law linger 01 kinky pinky 20
glamour corner 02 glamour corner 01 raising the bar 02 cuddly 09 cuddly 08 cuddly 07 cuddly 06

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