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She is unquestionably the star of LCK, though one or two of the other girls might have something to say about that. But the fact of it is, LCK would simply never have existed had the character of Madison Ashley Shaw not been created in the pages of an unproduced screenplay called "Retribution".

30 years young as of this year, she hails from Australia, but has spent most of her life in North America. She is an exotic dancer, model, entrepreneur and... wait for it... contract assassin. That, in our books, is quite the killer mix. (Hits: 340556)

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graffiti the real nurse 3D anyone for tennis 01 big kitties lckx madison by the pool 01 another year, another close up (mad's 30th birthday)
one shot 02 (mad's 30th birthday) one shot 01 (mad's 30th birthday) casual sexy (mad's 30th birthday) mixed messages 02 mixed messages 01 hair test 43 hair test 42
mad loves mesh 01 call me baby 03 call me baby 01 sydney and madison bts 03 costume test 10 hair test 20 hair test 04
hair test 03 red warrior 01 is it summer yet 20 is it summer yet 01 study 03 study 02 study 01
i am the law linger 01 kinky pinky 20 glamour corner 02 glamour corner 01 raising the bar 02 study 04
cuddly 04 bedtime baby blue chair costume test 04 costume test 03 costume test 02 costume test 01
here's looking at you... again strappy project genesis 03 wish you were here... face to face 05 talk to the hands how do you like me now 02

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